Argan Oil – Wholesale & Bulk

At DailyArgan, we specialize in importing skincare products from Morocco, including bulk quantities of argan oil.

You’ll find 100% pure argan oil directly from Morocco with us, offered at competitive prices without compromising on high quality. In the Agadir region, various women’s cooperatives process argan oil, which is then exported worldwide. For centuries, argan oil has been used for skincare and haircare among other purposes. In recent years, it has gained recognition among the general public and has been incorporated into various skincare products.

Argan oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, and healthy fatty acids, making it a perfect choice for nourishing and hydrating your hair.

Wholesale Opportunities for Argan Oil

Our argan oil is available in wholesale quantities, ranging from 5-liter jerry cans to IBC containers containing hundreds of liters. Looking for pre-filled glass pipette bottles? These are also available in various quantities.

Curious about what we can offer you? Get in touch with us via or through WhatsApp: 0638735994.

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