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Pure argan oil strengthens and nourishes the hair. The nourishing and strengthening properties of argan oil provide perfect support for every hair type.

Can be used weeklySince our products are 100% natural, they can be used on a weekly basis.
Reduces frizz and feels softAfter using hair care products with argan oil, your hair will immediately feel softer and have less frizz.

Argan oil for hair
Argan oil is highly suitable for use in hair care. There are multiple ways to use it, and the results may vary depending on your hair type. You’ll need to discover which application is most suitable for your hair.
Using argan oil in the hair
To use argan oil in your hair, use the pipette in the cap to drop a few drops of oil into your hands. Use your fingertips to distribute the oil throughout your hair. You don’t need a lot of oil; just make sure to reach all parts of your hairstyle. If you have thick hair, you may need slightly more oil to cover all your hair. In some cases, argan oil can give your hair a beautiful shine and make it appear thicker. Additionally, the oily consistency of the oil can make your hair appear less dry. The results may vary depending on your hair type.
Use argan oil for your hair ends
In addition to using argan oil throughout the length of your hair, it is also common to apply a small amount of oil only to the ends of your hair. As mentioned before, the oil can help repair split ends and prevent further splitting by keeping the hair moisturized.
What’s in argan oil for hair?
Our argan oil is 100% pure. That means we haven’t added any fragrance to make it smell nice, and it hasn’t been diluted with other oils or water. Argan oil is naturally rich in vitamin E, which has restorative qualities. This means it can have a repairing effect on the skin and hair.

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